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The new Radius Dent dental clinic is designed and built for you! Premium solutions of dental aesthetics and dental implants. A dental clinic in a relaxing environment, equipped with the latest technologies. A friendly team attentive to your needs, a team ready to give you a memorable dental experience.

Quick Radius Dent facilities

We know your teeth are important and we try to treat them using balanced treatments based on your particular needs.

Dental hygiene

Our exceptional and experienced staff is dedicated to improving our patients' dental health and improving their smiles.

Tooth whitening

Bleaching is a safe and effective procedure used to remove stains and stains from the teeth, but also to lighten the natural color of the teeth.


The treatment consists in placing a bruxism splint which is a mold of the teeth on one of the arches that will work as a spacer to stop touching and grinding the occlusal surfaces.


Since gingivitis does not manifest itself symptomatically through pain, most patients do not approach the treatment of these diseases in the early phase, leaving room for the appearance of periodontal disease.

Dental radiology

Radiological investigations represent an important help for the dentist. A correct and complete diagnosis can only be made after viewing the radiographs. The presence of caries, their severity or age, as well as the correctness of some treatments can be observed on the radiographs. Depending on the information obtained during the clinical examination and that provided by the radiographs, the diagnosis is established and the treatment is chosen.

Aligning teeth with Invisalign

Invisalign offers a simple, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective solution to patients who do not want conventional orthodontic therapy. It is ideal for repositioning upper and lower anterior teeth with slight or moderate crowding. More complex arch treatments including spacing, crowding, intrusion or extrusion are possible, but all patients must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We are the only ones in the country that own a printer.

Professionalism, involvement, communication.

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Reviews Customers

Mauixone MauixoneMauixone Mauixone
14:12 03 Apr 23
I recommend the clinic! They have the best anesthesia system, a kind of computer that injects the serum without any pain! I don't have a numb face, and I don't feel any pain during the procedure! And what I thought was the the fact that I can drink coffee before anesthesia!💞
Alexandru UngureanuAlexandru Ungureanu
12:14 31 Jan 23
I wholeheartedly recommend the Radius Dent clinic and thank the team of doctors and all the staff for their professionalism and the pleasant way they treat their patients.
Marilena StanculeasaMarilena Stanculeasa
12:27 11 Jan 23
Very satisfied with the quality of the services! I recommend with confidence, exceptionally qualified staff!
Geanina LasloGeanina Laslo
12:14 20 Dec 22
The trickiest experience 😎 for the first time an endodontic treatment under a microscope, and all I can say is wow! The whole team is superprofessional! I recommend!!!!!
19:13 06 Oct 20
Thank you Doctor Virlanuta Nicoleta for her professionalism! I have been coming to her for 2 years and I recommend her to everyone! Quality, great atmosphere, very welcoming and pleasant staff. Whenever I needed her help, she was there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for today. You made me some great lips

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